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WebLogic Multitenancy

WebLogic Multitenancy

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WebLogic Multitenancy
WebLogic as a Platform & Foundation for Cloud Services 

Martin Heinzl





With WebLogic 12.2.x a complete new concept, called partition, was introduced into WebLogic in order to support multitenancy setups and concepts. This new technology can also serve as a solid foundation for cloud services and cloud hosting. A partition is similar to a filesystem partition and meant to be a well-defined area of WebLogic, with some new and powerful features. Other than the standard J2EE bundling units like EAR, WAR or RAR archives, the partition goes beyond that and allows a bundling of applications (J2EE units) and required resources like JDBC, JMS and more into a single “WebLogic application” based on the partition technology. Partitions can also be exported, migrated and imported as a single unit.

Many real world use-cases can benefit significantly from the new multitenancy technology. This book explains the new WebLogic technologies in detail. In addition to the technology deep-dives, this book discusses many use-cases found daily in our industry and shows the potential benefit of multitenancy technologies for these scenarios.


• Overview and deep-dives into the new WebLogic technologies around multitenancy

• Many examples using WLST scripting in order to automate partition handling

• All scripts and programs can easily be adapted to the reader’s need

• Discussion of a number of real-world uses and how these could benefit from multitenancy

• Focus on architects, decision-makers, administrators and developers