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Oracle Tuning The Definitive Reference Third Edition

Oracle Tuning The Definitive Reference Third Edition

$ 41.95

Oracle Tuning
The Definitive Reference
Third Edition


ISBN 13:
Library of Congress Number: 2014903997
828 pages
Perfect Bind -  7.5x9.25
PD 214
Shelving: Database/Oracle Oracle in-Focus Series:  # 45




Oracle has become the world's most flexible and robust database and along with great power comes great complexity.  This complexity requires that the DBA have expert knowledge of Oracle internals.  This book provides a thorough step-by-step approach for holistic Oracle tuning in this challenging information technology era.  It represents the knowledge accumulated from tuning thousands of Oracle databases.

Oracle tuning has always been a complex task; however, it has become even more complex as Oracle evolves and yields new techniques for achieving optimal performance in the stressed production environment of today’s high-tech world.

Oracle STATSPACK and AWR has introduced a revolution in database tuning. By understanding these time-series tables, we can develop time-series tuning models to predict upcoming outages and dynamically change the instance to accommodate the impending resource changes.  Database tuning efforts must become as sophisticated as the databases themselves.

This book strives to show you how to leverage upon the wealth of Oracle performance information so that you can create a robust Oracle database engine, one that maximizes computing resources while minimizing overhead.

If you are seeking theory, this is not the book for you.  This book encapsulates the combined knowledge of over a century of hands-on DBA tuning experience, a pragmatic, practical approach for the professional Oracle DBA.

This is not a book for beginners. Targeted at the senior Oracle DBA, this comprehensive book gives you all of the knowledge you need to be successful in tuning even the most complex Oracle database.  The code download for this book is packed with ready-to-run scripts to monitor and identify even the most challenging performance issues.