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Oracle RAC Performance Tuning

Oracle RAC Performance Tuning

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Oracle RAC Performance Tuning
Includes Oracle 12c

Brian Peasland

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ISBN: 978-0-9861194-1-5
Library of Congress Number: 2015932839                                     
441 pages
Perfect Bind -  7.5 x 9.25
PD 315
Shelving: Database/Oracle Oracle in-Focus Series:  # 50

This book is the first of its kind, a book dedicated to tuning the Oracle high availability RAC architecture.  Oracle RAC databases are flexible and robust, and along with this flexibility comes complexity, making RAC tuning one of the most challenging areas of Oracle tuning.

Packed with incisive insights and examples from one of America's leading RAC experts, guru Brian Peasland delivers an indispensible book for all RAC administrators who need to guarantee that their RAC systems run at optimal performance.

It's not enough for the DBA to maintain and control RAC database, the RAC DBA must also have an arsenal of tools and scripts that will help them ensure that their RAC database run at optimal levels.

This book will be valuable to all Oracle professionals who must tune their Oracle RAC systems for peak performance. Similar to tuning Oracle database systems in general, Oracle RAC performance tuning covers a wide variety of focus areas.

Topics will include Oracle wait events specific to RAC deployments, using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control and AWR in diagnosing RAC problems, and RAC utilities such as OS Watcher and ORAchk (formerly RACcheck). This book will also discuss architecture issues related RAC performance, delving into the cluster interconnect, physical disk layout and Oracle 12c new Flex Clusters.

Oracle RAC also allows the workload the spread among several low cost servers (scale-out) rather than a large single server (scale-up), and this book examines these approaches from a tuning perspective.

Many companies are working towards private cloud implementations using RAC, and this book is perfect for the DBA's charged with . Oracle 12c RAC raises the bar with its new multi-tenant database implementation. Think of multi-tenant as virtualization at the database level. As more companies start leveraging Oracle 12c RAC for their enterprise database architecture, it is important that the system be designed and tuned properly to ensure the application has a well-performing user experience.

This unique book provides a one-stop location for any RAC DBA who must become a RAC performance tuning specialist. Most Oracle RAC books on the market devote only one chapter to performance tuning.

The information in this book provides a solid foundation for one’s first RAC deployment, and provide you with the tools and methods needed to keep your complex RAC systems running optimally.

While this book is not for beginners, the reader is given sufficient background throughout the chapters so that most Oracle DBAs, even those will little Oracle RAC experience, will be able to understand its contents. Oracle RAC is inherently complex. This explains the concepts before delving into highly technical areas. Many in-depth areas of RAC tuning are explored that help the DBA reveal hidden performance trends within even the most complex RAC database.