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Oracle Privacy Security Auditing

Oracle Privacy Security Auditing

$ 39.95

Oracle Privacy Security Auditing
Includes HIPAA Regulatory Compliance
Second Edition

Arup Nanda

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ISBN 13 978-0991638697  Library of Congress Number: xxxx
560 Pages PD 903
Shelving: Databases/Oracle Oracle In-Focus Series - # 47


Oracle is the world's most complex database and it offers a bewildering plethora of tools and techniques for managing privacy, security and auditing.   This is an indispensible book that addresses these issues in Oracle privacy security auditing, a book that uncovers all of the hidden aspects aspects of Oracle security and auditing, and privacy management.

Oracle auditing has become an extremely complex undertaking, and this book is unique because it comes with a code download of read-to-use scripts and tools to help you see the base-level privileges within any Oracle database, no matter how complex.  On top of these issues, we still must address the issues f regulatory compliance, and this book covers HIPAA and data privacy with in-depth examples, and technical explainations.

Written by one the world's most widely-read developers and author of best-selling Oracle books, Arup Nanda target his substantial knowledge of Oracle Internals to this important book. With extensive experience installing Oracle auditing, Arup Nanda shares secrets for the effective creation of auditing mechanisms for HIPAA compliant Oracle systems.

The Health/Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) was created to ensure privacy for medical patient data. HIPAA requires complete auditing to show everyone who has viewed confidential medical patient information. This permeates from Hospitals, insurance companies, and dozens of healthcare related industries. HIPAA is a framework that provides a complete security access and auditing for Oracle database information.

This book provides complete details for using Oracle auditing features, including auditing from Oracle redo logs, using system-level triggers, and using Oracle fine-grained auditing (FGA) for auditing of the retrieval of sensitive information.

Best of all, Nanda share dozens of working samples in his online code depot. Examples from all areas of security and auditing are covered with working scripts and code snippets. Your time savings from a single script is worth the price of this great book.