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Oracle PL/SQL Tuning

Oracle PL/SQL Tuning

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Oracle PL/SQL Tuning
Expert Secrets for High Performance Programming

Dr. Timothy Hall   

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ISBN: 0-9761573-9-X
ISBN 13: 978-0976157397
Library of Congress Number: 2004096473 
330 pages
Perfect bind - 9x7
PD 906
Shelving: Database/Oracle Oracle In-Focus Series # 8


Oracle experts know that PL/SQL tuning makes a huge difference in execution speed. As one of the world’s most popular and respected experts, Dr. Tim Hall shares his secrets for tuning Oracle PL/SQL.

This indispensable book shows how to hypercharge Oracle applications gaining as much as 30x improvement in execution speed using under-documented code tricks.  Packed with working examples, learn how to re-write SQL into PL./SQL and how to use advanced Oracle bulk array processing techniques to achieve super high performance. You can save your company millions of dollars in hardware costs by making your applications run at peak efficiency.

Targeted at the Senior Oracle DBA and developer, this advanced book illustrates powerful techniques that can make PL/SQL run faster than ever before. This book is not for beginners and should only be purchased by seasoned Oracle professionals who must turbocharge their applications. Your time savings from a single script is worth the price of this great book.



Key Features

* Learn undocumented tricks for hypercharging the performance of PL/SQL

* Understand the bulking and direct load techniques to add millions of rows per second

* See how to use the forall, bulk collect and ref cursor commands

* Get an online code depot of working PL/SQL examples

* Learn to re-write SQL into PL/SQL

* Get step-by-step instructions for compiling PL/SQL

* See the secrets for reducing context switching delays

* See the latest Oracle 10g PL/SQL Tuning Features