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Oracle Backup & Recovery

Oracle Backup & Recovery

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Oracle Backup & Recovery:
Expert secrets for using RMAN and Data Pump

Kamran Agayev Agamehdi & Aman Sharma

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ISBN 13:

Library of Congress Number: 2011925691

665 Pages
Perfect Bound 9x7

Publication Date: 0711

Shelving: Databases/Oracle

Oracle In-Focus Series:
# 42


Backup and recovery are mission-critical DBA tasks, and it is critical that every Oracle professional develop a RMAN strategy that guarantees recoverability while minimizing unplanned downtime.

RMAN is one of the world's most sophisticated backup and recovery tools.  It is robust and complex with thousands of options.  This landmark book demonstrates, by example, how to create a successful backup and recovery infrastructure using RMAN.

This book also contains links to RMAN video tutorials and a download of working RMAN scripts to guide users through full automation of a backup strategy.   

Together, backup and recovery are the single most important combined DBA activity, and it is crucial that you master the RMAN and Data Pump Import utilities to protect against catastrophic data loss.

Written by practicing Oracle DBAs with years of RMAN experience, this is a pragmatic approach to RMAN, focusing less on theory and more on real-world, practical RMAN tools, tips and techniques.

This Oracle backup and recovery book is unique because it provides real-world examples on how to use RMAN and other tools to protect your mission critical data.

Even with reliable mirrored disks, your important Oracle database is still at-risk from from software corruption, user error and hardware failures.  This book details Oracle RMAN best practices and shows the best ways to minimize backup and recovery time, which is critical for maximizing system availability

This is the definitive RMAN reference that guides you, step-by-step, through all of the techniques for Oracle backup and recovery, from simple cold backups to complex incremental backups. Experienced RMAN experts guide you through the installation, setup and configuration for a complete RMAN backup and recovery infrastructure using proven techniques and Oracle best practices.

Best of all, you be given the opportunity to learn from supplemental video tutorials and working examples how to recover from every possible data scenario.  This book has step-by-step checklists that you can follow to guide you through a complex recovery with minimal unplanned system outages.

This is an indispensible RMAN reference for every professional DBA who needs to ensure that they understand every possible backup and recovery strategy.  It also contains a download of working RMAN scripts to help you easily automate and monitor your RMAN backups.

  * Understand Oracle best practices for using RMAN.
* Get expert secrets for minimizing downtime during an RMAN recovery.
* See working examples of complex RMAN recovery scenarios.

* Learn how to test your RMAN recovery methods.
* See how to implement incremental backups.
* Understand how to create the RMAN catalog.
* See how to to logical backups with Data Pump export.
* Learn how to automate your backup jobs.
* See how to migrate between platforms using RMAN.
* Includes video tutorials!