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Horse 911

Horse 911

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Horse 911

Dr. O'Malley's Veterinary Emergency Handbook

Dr. Christian O'Malley D.V.M.                 
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ISBN: 0-9759135-3-0 ISBN 13: 978-0975913536 Library of Congress Number: 2005928013
250 pages - Perfect Bind  9x7 PD 1208
Shelving: Pets/Horses 911 Series # 3



There is no worse feeling in the world than standing over your dead horse and being told that you could have saved their life, if you had only known what to do. In case after case, panicked horse owners fail to give their beloved friends the lifesaving treatment that they need to survive until the vet arrives.

Written by a practicing Emergency Veterinarian with extensive experience, Dr. Chris O'Malley shares his secrets for emergency at-home treatment. Written in plain English and packed with real-world examples, Dr. O'Malley shows you how to confidently provide life-saving first aid to your horse. You will also learn about those indispensable items that you need to keep inside your equine first-aid kit.

Join the ranks of competent horse owners and learn how to recognize illness and perform life-saving first aid procedures. When every minute counts, count-on this indispensable veterinary guide to help save your horses life.