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Easy Oracle Jumpstart

Easy Oracle Jumpstart

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Easy Oracle Jumpstart
Oracle Database Management Concepts and Administration

Steve Karam, Robert Freeman 

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Library of Congress Number: 2005901264
240 pages:
Perfect bind - 9x7
PD 206
Shelving: Databases/Oracle Easy Oracle series
# 4



This book introduces you to the Oracle Database in plain English with a focus on providing you with an in-depth knowledge of Oracle’s basic features and management techniques. By explaining how Oracle works, this book will provide you with the information and tools you need to manage and administer an Oracle database.

We include important Oracle tasks such as database creation, startup, shutdown and management and we also cover Oracle’s capability to protect the data stored in the database, as well as critical daily maintenance scripts.

This book is a valuable resource for both the new DBA and a manager wanting to understand the management and operation of an Oracle Database.

                         Includes           Oracle 10g               Grid!

* Get detailed information on the inner working of the Oracle Database and how to effectively use Oracle’s caches.
* Learn how Oracle provides consistent views and transactional control using UNDO and REDO logs.
* See how Oracle protects your data with Archive Logs.
* Protect your data with Archive Logs.
* Learn to manage Users and database security.
* Gain knowledge of Oracle’s Storage Structures including Locally Managed Tablespaces and ASSM.
* Become skilled at Database Monitoring and Performance Tuning.