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Advanced WebLogic  Server Automation

Advanced WebLogic Server Automation

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Advanced WebLogic Server Automation
Administration and Monitoring with WLST and JMX

Martin Heinzl

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ISBN: 0-9916386-1-1
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700 pages
Perfect Bind 9.25x7.5
PD 0514
Shelving: Databases/Oracle Oracle In-Focus Series #46



All production environments need automated, auditable, reproducible processes. This book discusses how to automate all aspects of WebLogic, an essential prerequisite for all production environments.

The WebLogic Server platform is recognized as one of the leading J2EE application servers and is the foundation of the Fusion Middleware platform. It is well suited for a variety of different application architectures including modern grid and cloud infrastructures. A large number of WebLogic installations from a single server to thousands of servers exist all over the world. 

Complex environments may consist of hundreds of domains and thousands of managed-servers.  It is impossible for an administrator group to maintain all those servers with manual tasks or the web console.  This book is written based on 15+ years of experience with many real architecture and consultancy assignments, and includes tips based on lessons learned from real project experience.  Its main focus is to teach readers who are already familiar with WebLogic how to use the powerful automation APIs to operate WebLogic in small to very complex environments.  Scripts and automation based on JMX are essential for every (infrastructure) architect, administrator, deployer, operator, and also developer. Only with automated processes it is possible to create actions that can be easily reviewed, can run at any time, can run frequently (monitoring), can be scheduled with an automated scheduler, and are well-suited to auditing needs.

This book focuses on the WebLogic Server. Automation is absolutely key for all installations of WebLogic, from small to complex enterprise-wide systems.  The author presents many practical examples that can be easily adapted to the reader's needs. This book does not use the WebLogic GUI nor talk about J2EE programming; it focuses on automation only.

This book contains a comprehensive code download of powerful WLST and JMX scripts.