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Advanced PL/SQL Programming

Advanced PL/SQL Programming

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Advanced PL/SQL Programming

The Definitive Reference


Oracle PL/SQL is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and high performance yielding database languages of all time with many number of ways and methods for obtaining a single result. Oracle professionals most of time do not get their work done using the right tool which leads into two main side effects.

 This comprehensive guide to Oracle PL/SQL will be a handy reference to all Oracle professionals who must write PL/SQL coding in their day to day life. This book will direct the reader through the mostly unused/ un-minded yet powerful techniques which can be used in a regular manner in their application development.

 Topics will include the complete information of the widely used topics and also consists of topics and its soundness which we thought of less likely usable and forgot over time. This book takes a complex technical task and explains it in a very easy understandable method.

 The advanced PL/SQL concepts like collection reduces the back and forth traverse between the SQL engine and the PL/SQL engine thus reducing the number of processes and avoiding context switching. This is an interesting topic that can greatly enhance the knowledge of the PL/SQL developer in-turn increasing the performance of an Oracle database


Key Features

* See different types of PL/SQL data types and its benefits.

* The dynamic query processing techniques and its features.

* Learn Regular expressions and XML functions.

*  See how collections and its various types work.

* Use PL/SQL cursors and ref cursors.

* Understand cryptography in Oracle

Learn about heterogeneous services in Oracle.

* get an overview on Oracle system packages

* Use PL/SQL Advanced Interface Methods (C, Java)

* Enable the security of the database with VPD and fine grained policies.

* Manage secure LOBs and advanced table compression techniques in Oracle.

* Use PL/SQL profiling

* Safeguard your code from SQL Injection Attacks.



About the Author:


Boobal Ganesan has 9 years of learning and implementation experience out of which he has a full-time contribution as an Oracle PL/SQL developer for 5 years and has completed his OCA certification on the development track.

Boobal is one of the leading contributors to the Oracle community and other blogging sites.