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Advanced Oracle DBMS Packages

Advanced Oracle DBMS Packages

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Advanced Oracle DBMS Packages
The Definitive Reference

Paulo Portugal

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ISBN 10: 0-9844282-2-4

ISBN 13: 978-0-9844282-2-9  

LOC Number: 2011937947

656 pages 

Perfect Bind- 9x7

Publication Date: 911

Shelving:  Databases/Oracle

Oracle In-Focus Series #41


Oracle continues to implement amazing programs to aid the Oracle DBA.  This book shows how powerful Oracle utilities are encapsulated into special DBMS packages.  Properly used, these DBMS packages can aid the DBA in every aspect of their job.  Specifically, DBMS packages provide the underlying foundation for many of the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) screens; therefore, a skilled DBA with in-depth knowledge of DBMS packages can learn to write and apply sophisticated scripts to replicate the online functionality in a batch mode.

Knowing when and how to use DBMS packages is key to a DBA’s success in administering and monitoring their database.  This book contains insider information on how to determine which Oracle packages are best to use in real world situations.  The examples supplied in this book will be a powerful tool for any experienced DBA or developer interested in escaping from a reliance on queries or a GUI interface.  The detail given in this book is unlike any others on the market today.

This book is not for beginners.  These are powerful utilities to be used only by experienced DBAs and developers who need to perform powerful system-wide operating system internal operations on their Oracle databases.


  • Understand how to automate database management with Oracle DBMS packages.
  • Learn how to write scripts that replicate the functionality of OEM screens.
  • See working examples of all important Oracle DBMS package utilities.
  • Discover the secrets used by professional DBA's to perform advanced diagnostics.
  • Learn how to use DBMS packages when a GUI interface is not available.
  • Learn how using DBMS packages can be a more powerful choice than queries or GUI interfaces.
  • Get insider information on real world DBMS packages used by the best DBAs in the industry.